Trading Penny Stocks — The REAL Hidden Secret of the Stock Markets

How come I don’t hear more about trading penny stocks? Why is it, that most of the so called experts of the stock market always tell you to buy the most obvious stock? You’ll hear something like the public should buy shares of Wal-Mart. Really? Thanks for the scoop. What a great tip. I guess he’s done his research. Obviously people should invest in safe, top tier companies like Wal-Mart, but do you think that’s how the rich became rich? Of course not!

Every kind of portfolio should be diversified. You should have your fair shares of Wal-Marts, Exxons, and Microsofts. These are stable companies that will most likely be around for a really long time.

But every portfolio, should have their own calculated risks. They should involve stocks that have a great risk to reward ratios. This is where cheap stocks come into play.

Every rich, powerful, and successful stock trader or investor that you’ve heard of took chances on companies that weren’t in the Fortune 500. That’s where the growth and therefore the money is. They didn’t become rich by buying shares in eBay when the entire would became addicted to online auctions, they bought it before.

That’s the real beauty of trading penny stocks is that there could always be another eBay or Microsoft waiting in the wings. Also, the great thing is that it’s not costing you an arm and a leg to invest in these companies. One hundred dollars is enough to buy 500 shares of a 50 cent stock. How many shares of Wal-Mart can you buy for $500?

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