I’m SO glad to know that other people feel the same about education!
Mandy Chew

Thank you so much for the positive feedback, Mandy Chew!!! I, too, will be inspired to write something (often, MANY somethings over many years!) by a single statement.

For example, it has been over 51 years since my graduation from the eighth grade, but, to this day, I think back to what our Valedictorian challenged us to do in his speech: be part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

I’m sure that Patrick “Pat” Kline wasn’t the first ones to say those words, but I still think of him and that long-ago evening whenever I think about that challenge.

Already, I was choosing to do what Pat had asked his classmates and others in that gymnasium to do that night, but he provided a descriptive phrase for it.

Thanks, also, for following me!!!

At one time, my goal was to become a special education teacher — but ended up losing that chance due to The Dean of Women making a decision to only allow me to take classes that weren’t part of the core of the teacher education program at my college/university (college when I began but university by the time that I graduated).

  • **Whole other story (MORE than one) re: the previous paragraph***

Anyway, I’m sure that you’ve heard the expression about needing to take the ghetto out of the person in order for getting people out of the ghetto to make a positive difference in their lives.

I use a variation of this expression to describe my own situation by saying that the dean might have kept me out of the teacher education program, but she didn’t take the teacher out of me, because I STILL became a teacher but just didn’t have an official license to teach in the classroom.

A college professor I’d meet a few years later named Sue Drake told me that, even though I might never get that teaching license, that my writing ability would end up making me a teacher and to consider myself to be fortunate, because a classroom teacher might teach 30 students per year but that a writer can teach a world in one day!

Of course, she said this back before The Internet became commonplace, so she was telling me at that time that she was predicting that I would become widely-read (e.g. Erma Bombeck, John Steinbeck, William Shakespeare) at some time in my life, which I took as a huge compliment!!!

There are several of us out there who either are classroom teachers; have been classroom teachers but decided that their skills would be better used elsewhere; or (as with me) never had the chance to become one — as well as those who either never chose to be one or else changed their minds before even getting their college diplomas. However, one thing we have in common is wanting students to end up receiving a REAL education and finding learning to be a positive experience.

I believe that you and I are on the same page about a lot of things, so I’m so glad that our paths have crossed and we’ve become connected here!!!

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