Ten (10) Best Cat Scratching Posts in UK 2018

Jan 29, 2018 · 6 min read

Is a scratching post necessary? Well, if you are a cat lover and you like your furniture smooth and shiny, you would know that getting a scratching post is the key to saving your furniture from the claws of your lovely cat(s). It is high time you stopped complaining about your cat redecorating your interior with irregular patterned scratches; they can’t help it.

They are not being destructive or being naughty, the urge to scratch is innate in cats. They do it for several reasons: to shed their claws; to mark their territory with scent glands present in their paws, for communication, as an exercise and to relieve stress. Armed with this knowledge, getting a suitable scratch post is the solution to saving your furniture. Scratch posts come in different types; sizes and shapes to take care the needs of cat, even other than scratching. The following are different types of scratch posts that will not only meet the scratching urge of your cat(s) but also others like, a comfy spot to sleep, jump, climb and play around.

1. Cat Tree Cat Palace Elite.

This is more than an ordinary scratching post; it is a Dutch-designed exquisite handcrafted cats’ furniture, it weighs about 65KG and a height of about 2 metres. It is made of firm, high quality materials and with an appealing construct. Multiple levels and upper beds are also incorporated in the build to allow for cats that enjoy climbing a lot and sleeping at high levels.

This brand is made durable due to its size.

Enough space to accommodate more than a cat.

This build is easy to assemble.

Worn parts can also be replaced easily.

Cat owners with a small home space might take its size as a con; and some cats may not enjoy climbing and lying and sleeping up high and thus not fully maximising its use.

2. Natural sisal scratching post from Lolipe

The Natural Sisal Scratching Post from Lolipet is a multi-level cat scratch post and play tree, it is made of platforms and beds, with a cat-cave and cute short ladder leading up to the top.

The platforms and beds are designed to be rotated to reduce the width of the climbing tree, which makes this particular product a fairly small footprint for quite a tall and functional scratch post.

The alluring grey faux-fur is a nice finish, and the inclusion of some hanging toys and rope gives a finesse touch. This is a scratch post that really does have it all, and has proved to be a huge hit with indoor cat owners.

Scratching posts well covered with natural sisal.

Fluffy and inbuilt cave.

Multiple levels of beds and platforms

Firm and strong base.

Suitable for cats that scratch vertically.

3. Happypet CAT021 Cat Scratching Tree

This type is known for its range of cat toys and accessories, Happypet have produced a large, beautifully finished scratching tree with enduring multiple platforms and scratching surfaces.

It is built around three sisal scratch posts, with a thick base plate and platforms which helps to ensure that the tree remains stable, even with more than a cat using it. Also included is a small, horizontal rotating scratching post on the base and a sisal rope is added which passes through the middle platform.

Happypet CAT021 Cat Scratching Tree is a high-quality product suitable for a cult-cat household, with more platforms and beds to explore.

An inbuilt cat cave.

Designed to fit in many cats.

Firm and sturdy base and platforms.

4. Cozy Pet Deluxe Multi Level Cat Tree Scratcher & Activity Centre.

Made from the very best materials and the highest quality sisal fibres, it is more than a scratch post, it is an all-encompassing cat entertainment system with places to sleep, explore, play and scratch, spread over five different levels.

The size of the scratch post, coupled with the number of levels and variety of entertainment it provides makes this an ideal solution for a multi-cat household. It really is a well-constructed and finished scratch post and all-in-one entertainment centre for your indoor cats.

Comfy and scratch-friendly.

Very strong construction with 7 durable heavy duty sisal scratch posts.

3 hammocks, 9 viewing spots, a play hoop and 3 cat houses make this the ultimate place for your cat to play.

Available in various sizes and configurations.

5. Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree Cat Scratch Post by Homes

The floor to ceiling cat scratch post is a distinctive inventive entry to the cat scratch post market. Apart from just being self-standing like most cat scratch posts, this scratch post extends all the way from the floor to the ceiling, with an adjustable height of between 240–288cm.

The enormous height of the scratch post allows for three (3) different levels which all differ in height and as a result of the scratch post is also hobbled to the ceiling, the footprint is actually quite small, making this perfect if you live in a flat and need to tuck the scratch post into the corner of a room.

Floor to ceiling height affords s cats to sit on many levels.

Where space is limited, the small footprint is not an issue.

6. Trixie Parla Scratching Post, 62 cm, Platinum Grey

The scratch is easy to assemble, with two main parts (the base and the scratch post) and a supplied bolt to join both parts together. In spite of the simple construction, the scratch post is sturdy and quite durable. Covered in natural sisal, a course, natural fibre, it is able to withstand attacks from even the most fervent scratcher.

Simple, sturdy and durable.

Reasonable height and firm base.

Good for cats that like scratching vertically.

7. PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge

It is different from other scratch posts featured above; it is not just a scratch post but an all-in-one scratcher/lounger. Not only does it provide your cat with a comfortable place to lay, but the entire surface is one giant scratchable surface, perfect for cats who like to scratch horizontally.

The width of the lounger measures 86cm and this makes it adequate for cats of all shapes and sizes, and the alluring curved design and neutral colour scheme would makes it a nice edition to most living rooms without being too imposing.

It is made from eco-friendly compressed corrugated cardboard.

Dual purpose.

Serves as a comfortable place for your cat to sleep

Strong and firm base.

8. PEDY Cat Bed Hammock with Scratch Post

It combines a bed with a scratch post, measuring 20 inches tall, this is perfect for a slightly smaller cat and the dual pillars provides more surface to scratch. For a cat that likes to lounge around but also has a penchant for scratching vertically, this might be the perfect solution.

The combination of soft fabric with the natural sisal posts makes for a smart looking product. This is also adequate for smaller houses, saving space by combining both the cat bed and scratch posts.

Dual scratch posts saves space.

Soft, comfy fabric.

Natural sisal construction.

Suitable for cats of all ages and activity levels.

9. The Kerbl Cat Opal Maxi Scratching Post

Just like the Trixie Parla scratch post, it is a more standard scratch post, yet not making it any less effective. With the height at 78cm, there is plenty of surface for cats that like to scratch vertically.

It is a very cost-effective product. With nice reviews and a fairly competitive price, this is definitely worthy of its place on the list, and the added ball is a nice touch.

Perfect for large cats with enough room and surface to scratch

Soft, comfy fabric.

10. BUNNY BUSINESS Cat Bed and Scratching Post with Toys.

Designed in an attractive cream material on both the base and bed, the scratch bridge is covered in natural sisal while the bed is extra comfy and the suspended balls are a nice addition, not usually seen on scratch posts at this price range. The play bridge on the BUNNY BUSINESS Cat Bed and Scratching Post with Toys is also covered in sisal, providing another scratch-friendly zone.

The bed is large enough for a medium-sized adult, the multiple scratch posts with suspended ball are well arranged and incorporated and the play bridge with hidden mouse adds a nice touch.

The cat bed and the base are plush grey covered.

Assembly is quite simple.

In conclusion, place the scratching post close to the chosen area of your cat’s scratching if possible. This way you can easily redirect the cat to the scratching post. Within few weeks you can move it a few feet away until it is at the desired location in your home. Attracting the cat to the scratching post by luring him over with a toy, treat or placing catnip on the scratching post, this is usually the best method to encourage him to use it.


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