Something you most likely didn’t know about autumn

As autumn is in our front yard and coming closer to the door. Changes are about to start.

Skies will darken and rain will fall out of the sky. Leaves will cover all things beautiful on the ground without the how and why.

The leaves will bury any footprint man or animal made. All that was left is about to fade.

The trees are now still bold and beautiful. I reach out to the ground and take my first handful.

After I take it’s fallen brown, red and gold. I wave my hands in the air leaving them alone in the air and the cold.

The wind finds the leaves on his way. Breeze by breeze pushing them further away.

Mother nature sees it happening and just wants to have some fun. She drops her pants and decides to let it run.

The leaves now stuck in a big pool. Oh dear, mother is just a big fool.
She starts crying now and more water comes out of the sky. The leaves will rotten quicker and quicker now, oh my.

Fall and fade away my dears. I will always remember you with my many tears.
Where you stay and finally rest. I make sure that something new can rise there again and be put up to life it’s test.

You might have always wondered why we have called this rain season sometimes fall. Now you know. It is just about remembering mother natures call.

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