5 Reasons to attend B-town Unplugged this Wednesday!

Right in the middle of the week, just when you need that little break from the pressure of the week, we have the best option for you to rejuvenate! Spa? Ha-ha, no. But just something slightly better! B-Town Unplugged is the best you will get. The pure bliss of a musical still calm night will leave you craving for many more!

Want to know why? Have a look. Not just one, but we have 5 reasons for you!

  1. S2S: Because a little soul-to-soul connection always feels good, isn’t it? Unplugged versions replace the bird’s eye view one has of the song with its lyrical depth, where in, it will assure you a new, unknown but still familiar connection with perhaps, emotions or situations, giving you an insight into life overall!

2. Know yourself: Unplugged music is more like having it raw. It serves you what is created completely rough and without any sugar-coated (or musical, shall we say) version! Those new relations that you build with emotions and situations will lead you to reflect on yourself, many a times on even your choices. All in all, this one is the reason why most people prefer listening to unplugged music!

3. Hear yourself: Yes, unplugged versions often make you look into the darker or even sometimes the brighter reality of a song! It will make you reflect on your choice of songs and change the way you see certain songs which in turn, compel you to listen to the musings of your heart. We bet Alia Bhatt’s Samjhavaan made you feel all the hurt it holds for separation.

4. Desi pyaar: With a growing unimpressionable Bollywood songs and their gaining popularity has withdrawn the will people had to listen to Bollywood songs. However, B-town unplugged lets you see how rich B-town is to have great music rolling because unplugged is only a better version of the best!

5. Penthouze+Unplugged Bollywood music: Need we say more? Penthouze’s atmosphere and the beauty of unplugged Bollywood music is probably the best combination you can come across on a Wednesday night!

We’re sure you aren’t confused anymore about where to lead to tonight!

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