If Trump is Impeached, it Might Be the End of America
Isaac Simpson

Still, the writing on the wall is that Trump used Russian resources to hack the DNC and defeat Hillary Clinton. This could lead to impeachment in the vein of Watergate.

Ok first of all, calm down. It would be very hard for that to happen. The (Republican) house must vote to impeach by 2/3 majority, then the (Republican) Senate must hold a trial and convict.

There’s a reason it’s only happened twice in 238 years. (Three times, if you count Nixon, but he dodged it by resigning.)

The likelihood of a Trump impeachment is microscopic. Relax.

But second, and far more importantly, doesn’t it bother you that Russia fixed the outcome of our national election? The evidence is so copious, the Trump regime doesn’t even bother to deny in anymore. They’ve switched to attacking the media and railing against leakers.

And you’re saying you’re ok with that?

You aren’t troubled that senior members of the Trump campaign at the highest level had frequent contact with Russian intelligence during the election? And that the NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR had to step down in discrace for lying about the content of those contacts?

So you’re saying, “the writing on the wall is that Trump used Russian resources to hack the DNC and defeat Hillary Clinton.” In other words, you know this is real.

But even knowing that, knowing that your own country’s electoral, and now political and legislative processes, have been compromised by an intensely hostile and aggressive foreign power, your priority is to avoid antagonizing farmers.

Appeasement have never once, in the history of humanity, permitted the appeaser to escape destruction or enslavement at the hands of the aggressor. Also, it isn’t very metal.

At any rate, farmers have to eat too, and truck drivers, and all the other people you mentioned. And in order to do so, they can bitch all they want, but at the end of the day, they have to do their jobs. They have as much to fear from societal collapse as anyone. So chill. The tomatoes will get to Whole Foods.

Returning to political outcomes, impeachment is vanishingly unlikely. But what could happen, if enough people demand it, is a independent investigation with full subpoena powers of the Trump campaign’s dealings with Russia, and DT’s tax returns, which would reveal a lot. The outcome of such of an investigation would be a report. And soon following its publication Donald Trump and Steven Bannon might abruptly decide to “spend more time with their families.” Then a year or two of Pence and nothing moving through congress, and we can try this again and this time if we smell the slightest whiff of Russia anywhere near our election, severe consequences.

I’ve heard so much shit over the last week that’s basically, “Let’s not be irresponsible.” You know what? If you like Russia so much, go be responsible in Moscow.