Upcoming updates


At the moment, we are actively working on the implementation of the new concept of the GEO-Pay instant payments platform.

It is a platform, where everyone can create digitized values ​​and share them with each other!

The system is based on the relationships between its participants, and therefore the network is being enhanced and established with each new member.

At the moment, we already have 5826 participants, 65businesses have been engaged/connected!

We will shortly publish a new landing page and update the materials. But we are now unveiling the curtain just a tiny bit.

We have already started the implementation of the new functions of the cash-back system, therefore, in the near future everyone will be able to use the GEO-Pay as:

- a payment and account wallet for cash-backs and bonuses;

- a quick adjustment service of loyalty programs in any business;

- a platform with built-in CRM-system

In addition, the new functions are currently being tested, which will allow you to add an unlimited number of new equivalents to the platform!)

In the meantime, here are our working pictures to cheer you up.

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