October 27, 2015


Looking for a way to step up your Halloween game this year? Look no further than your bike. Bike-related costumes will get you plenty of attention, and they’re practical too — you’ll get to your parties faster and hit more houses while trick-or-treating. Here are some of our favorites.

Clean sweep

Photo: Timothy J

A simple broom can go a long way into transforming an otherwise typical costume into a special one. All you have to do is use zip ties to attach a broom to the side of your ride and slip a witch’s hat over your helmet. If you’ve got a maroon and gold striped scarf and circular glasses you can use a similar approach to upgrade a Harry Potter costume. Turn on your bike light and passers-by might believe that you’re actually chasing the golden snitch in a game of Quidditch.

Lights, camera, action

Image: Gene Han

Bike movies make great costume inspiration. Throw on a grey suit, red bowtie and white loafers and you’ll be instantly recognized as PeeWee Herman, the star of one of the best bike movies of all time (PeeWee’s Big Adventure). All it takes to become Steve Carrell in the 40-Year-Old Virgin is a pair of khakis tucked into your socks, a helmet and a messenger bag. If you have a red hoodie and are mechanically inclined, disconnect your handlebars and attach a basket with a blanket-wrapped alien to transform into Elliot from E.T. (If you really want to nail that one, make sure to give out Reese’s Pieces to trick-or-treaters).

You’re so punny

Image: Ivan

There are some pretty awesome ways to turn puns into hilarious costumes. A simple dinosaur becomes a Velo-ciraptor when you add in a bike (get it? velo!). Or how about wrapping yourself in bike chains and carrying around a saw to be a chainsaw murderer. All you need are some old bike spokes and a microphone to transform yourself into a spokesperson. And of course, our personal favorite here at PeopleForBikes is the monster from our “Shed The Monster” video. These may take a little more explanation but it’s totally worth it when someone finally gets the joke.

Biking makes any day better and Halloween is no exception. Are you incorporating your bike into your costume this year? Show us on Twitter!

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