Don’t forget about me

March 02, 2016


Dear owner,

I know that winter riding is challenging. Ice, snow and early sunsets often mean that bikes like me are just sitting around waiting for spring. But while you’re off skiing or snowshoeing, take advantage of this time. Here are some small steps that will significantly improve our riding once the weather warms. Not sure where to start? Here are my suggestions.

Homeward bound

Image: Let Ideas Compete

I don’t need fancy accommodations — a roof over my head is all I’m asking for. Harsh weather can lead to all sorts of problems, from rust to frozen cables and brakes. You never know when there might be a random warm day this winter and you’ll want me available just in case. There are lots of creative storage options, but if all I get is a corner of the garage, I’ll take it.

Spa treatment

Image: Bo Jorgensen

From a basic clean and lube of my chain to an all out top to bottom wash, a solid clean is a great affordable way to make sure I’m ready to roll. After all that riding we did in the fall, trust me I need it. Winter is an ideal time to get me tuned up because many bike shops offer deals for this type of work during their slower season.

Tread lightly

Image: Daniel Novta

Have you looked at my tires lately? They’re a little worn down from all those summer tours. Maybe a new set should be in my future. This is one upgrade that any bike would surely appreciate. Plus it means you can practice getting them on and off my rims, so you’ll be ready to change flat tires once we’re back out on the road.

All that glitters

Image: Joe Penniston

Lights and bells add to bike safety while also giving me some much-needed sparkle. Fenders are also an inexpensive addition that can make a big difference during those rainy spring months. If you’re planning to commute, a front or rear rack with a new attachable pannier will make toting your work clothes much easier. Add them all and you can turn me into an all-weather machine, perfect for riding any time.

Bottoms up

Image: Louis Oliveira

If you’re looking to spend a little more on me this winter, a new saddle could be the perfect upgrade. From cool colors to gender-specific seats, this is one upgrade that keeps on giving. A good saddle can be a difference maker on long rides. Just think of the distances we could go together.

Thanks for considering these ideas. Please don’t forget about me.

— Your bike

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