What’s in it for you?

Our new app makes some pretty bold claims and it all sounds grand, but what’s really in it for you? In the past, you may have tried making money by completing online surveys (or know someone who did), and gave up, discouraged by how long it takes to earn even the measliest of rewards. So how, then, is people.io different when we ask you to answer questions too?

Get rewarded with things you want

Every time you answer a question or interact with a brand, you get credits. These credits can easily be exchanged for great gift cards from a range of brands you know and love. And you actually get a choice of what you want — we don’t choose for you. Shop in a range of online stores, get yourself a coffee or even buy tickets for your favourite band, and turn your time and data in the app into products and experiences you’ll really enjoy.

You’re in control of your personal data

Within our app, you are in control of both what happens to your personal data (as we don’t sell it on to any advertisers or brands), and which brands you interact with. The app will only connect you with brands that are relevant to you, based on your answers to the questions. But, if you don’t want to engage with brands that you match with, you don’t have to. That’s a big contrast to how online advertising works at the moment, and we hope you’ll find the change refreshing.

A two-way conversation

Right now your relationship with advertisers is, in most cases, a one-way street — you see their ads on TV, before a Youtube video, on websites, on billboards and in magazines. There is no dialogue going on. By using the people.io app, you will be able to have a real relationship with brands, one based on conversation. It will no longer be a tussle between brands trying to grab as much of your attention as possible, and you doing your best to resist through channel changing and ad blocking. Instead, you become part of a conversation, with the brands having to respect that you might not always feel like hearing from them.

Your voice is heard

You might not believe it, but your opinion really does matter to brands. Until now, though, all you could do was email them your feedback, or fill in a website survey. people.io changes that completely. Brands are able to ask you directly about your opinion on their new products and ideas. You will actually have influence on what some of the biggest companies do. You will no longer simply be an ‘audience’.

You’ll turn from a passive recipient of advertising into an active super-partner of brands. You’ll be able to influence what they do (help them out, actually!), while maintaining control over your relationship, keeping your data safe, and getting rewarded. The amount of control you have and the rewards you get, while not actually giving away any of your data, is what makes people.io different to the rest. And our questions are a lot cooler 😉

Download the people.io app and start realising the value of your data

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