Reigniting the fire through the Butterfly effect

I did not realize that I had become so jaded. I had begun to look at everything through such a cynical lense. I was sitting in a church service and the message was pretty good until I started thinking about what the preachers angle could have been. There have been other examples I could cite but for the sake of brevity I will not. The real question is when did I stop operating from the heart and switched to operating strictly from the logical mind.

Recently I have been asked to work on a project to help others to reach their goals. My heart jumped in excitement at the opportunity but then my logical mind jumped in and begin asking the questions that slow/curb all enthusiasm in the spirit of doing the right things in the right way profitably.

As I began work on the project I was in that place of how can we make a huge impact on the targeted group. I was getting all intellectual and deep on this process when I was reminded by my wife that we/I needed to spend more quiet time in prayer, praising, reflection and thankfulness.

I was in this quiet time and was reminded that the impact I can make does not necessarily start with me or even end with me. It begins with a little flap of a wing early in a person's life and I am simply flapping my little wing in that person's direction as well that will create a hurricane of goodness for them. I am not the hurricane but a contributor or more accurately a little butterfly.

It's a small thing but this realization has gotten me totally geeked and reignited to help as many people as I can without trying to judge my overall impact logically.