Teaching Compliance to young people

Compliance has a situational element that has to be considered.

My wife was recently talking with a friend of hers who is a nurse. The friend/nurse said the following about working with patients. She stated that when you are under their care you never want to be viewed as a non-compliant patient. In a hospital setting if you are viewed as non-compliant which basically means in my words you are not following their specific care instructions then they will focus their maximum efforts on those who do. This makes total sense to me but it does somewhat conflict with one of my main internal philosophy: Do not be sheep!

To me “Do not be sheep!” means to question why you are doing things and to look for new creative ways to get things done. If your answer is a shrug and a response similar to this is the way we have always done things, then I want to stab you in your eye with a toothpick to get you to wake up. The majority of rules and laws are created to control us and benefit those who created the rules/laws.

However when I look further into this thought of compliance on an individual basis this becomes supercritical for young people. It is very situational as grades, recommendations, teacher and coach approval are all based on total compliance. If you want to succeed in education and many entry level jobs compliance is required to be seen in the best light. The young people who are not as compliant do not get the best grades, the most help, recommendations, playing time, etc. I do totally get this and encourage my kids to comply in these environments.

The school system and athletics that help form and develop young people have pounded them so hard with conformity and compliance that any suggestion of taking a risk or speaking your mind is foreign to these young people. Most young people are very hesitant and cautious as it relates to expressing themselves outside the norms. They see what happens to the Kaepernick’s of the world who dare to speak out.

In my world of investing in franchises and small businesses most kids and their parents for that matter find it very difficult to deviate from the prescribed path determined by an educational/career track system that may no longer be in their best interest. Compliance is situational and we need to teach our children to be cognizant of those moments. When dealing with police, traffic rules, or in a hospital situation compliance is a must. When new opportunities appears the rules of old (compliance) such as you should not jump jobs too often, you should invest for the long run in vehicle that you can’t touch for 30 years, invest for the long term safe thing not the short term risky thing that may have a huge upside or provide the lifestyle freedom that you have been dreaming about.

My convoluted conclusion is “Do not be sheep, if you do not have to!” This kind of cracks me up but so be it.

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