Are you what you do 40 hrs. a week?

What’s worse than not being where you want to be in life? Is it finding yourself settling for what society has labeled you as? Because of your ‘position’ or where you belong in the ‘corporate ladder’? Which part of the world you came from? The language you speak or your accent? Or is it one you have given yourself for the ‘size’ of the slip you get every month?? 
I read a quote that said, “People ask you what you do, so they can decide the level of respect they will give you.” That might not be the intention but there is some truth to it. I see this in networking events or similar gatherings. The faces people make when you tell them what you do and how they kind of start acting accordingly. I actually had a smirk on my face when I read the quote because I could remember the reactions of peoples faces depending on what I tell them I do. ……. those meetings are mostly awkward anyways. 
“What do you do?” is the question I always struggle to answer. Even though it is the most common question. Not because I am ashamed of what I do or ‘the level of respect that I will get’ but because I know that they are going to put me in a box. 
Don’t get me wrong I have great respect for my professions and what I do. And I secretly enjoy looking at peoples faces when I say “Mechanical Engineer”, “Banking”, “Trainer” or any of the things that I do/did. Because I always see the difference in how people talk to me or treat me based on what I tell them I do. I don’t understand why I should be labeled as a profession! That is just one thing about me!
We are so consumed in what we do within our 40 hrs. work week or whatever job we do that it has become who we are,
How can a persons ‘profession’ or ‘job’ literally define who they are, that we don’t aspire to be identified with anything more or our passion? The idea that we have become what we do for a living and spend the rest of the little time that’s left on what we love or worse to recover from the ‘work stress’, sickness me. It’s sad to believe that nature has gone to all this trouble of creating us and gave us life to be caged in this cycle and wait for it to end, even worse wish for it to end. I’m not saying I have the solution but I can’t accept that this is all there is to humanity and life. And we have seen enough people who have defied what was ‘normal’ or ‘acceptable’…. so why can’t we all aspire to do the ‘impossible’ or be ‘unrealistic’….. 
I believe we can if we dare to be! I might have chosen a life without ease, but I refuse to give up on the dreams, so I choose to have a little faith in this world. What do you choose?