Fall in Love with the Problem, not the Solution

This little gem appeared a few paragraphs into this HBR article on HR and shiny objects. Stopped me in my tracks. I didn’t even finish the article. My first startup venture I was in love with the solution (Twitter). The problem, well, it was interesting (how to efficiently get job postings to candidates), but not one that kept me up at night.

The problem that Recruiter Hunt solves, however, is a question I have been trying to answer since 1999. I have all of these links to tools and websites that are helpful to recruiters. How can I share them? Bookmark sharing apps — I have tried quite a few — turned out to be inadequate. Mainly, they didn’t allow for collaboration. My friends have great lists of tools, too. How can we combine them for one, big, helpful mega-list of tools?

I am so excited to launch this thing to see if I have solved the problem.

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