Introducing Peoplez: A New Way To Connect People With Their Idols

3 min readOct 13, 2021

-- offers Very Important Persons (VIPs) from any industry around the globe for the users of the platform to connect with, more easily than ever made.

NFTs are here to stay!

Eminem has made $1.78million (£1.3million) from his first collection of ‘Shady Con’ non-fungible tokens (NFTs), it has been reported.

The rapper sold the first line of the digital collection on the online marketplace Nifty Gateway last weekend (April 24–25)

We can see the transactions here on Etherscan as well:


Connect People With Their Idols

Blockchain technology has created new opportunities in the world that makes life easier for the people. When looking at what the technology has brought so far we can state that it is not only a financial innovation.

Over the past years, the use cases of utility tokens evolved towards mainstream adoption and offers interactions in a transparent way. The growth is normal with the attention cryptocurrencies have been gaining and from the regulator and financial perspective with the growth of the crypto market cap.

The media and news channels have changed their opinion to be more understanding, while the support of people from traditional industries provided the trust for more people to look at the crypto industry. For both financial and social interactions.

Peoplez offers Very Important Persons (VIPs) from any industry around the globe for the users of the platform to connect with, more easily than ever made.

Problem & Solution

The digital world is becoming more and more used to socially interact with others. Even though digital platforms should make it easier for people to establish a connection, we are still far away from people interacting with their idols. Showing support to an idol should go further than just liking a button on social media or writing a DM, which is being handled by the communication team or manager.

Having a slightest chance to support your idol requires making contact and requesting a method to support them. The higher the status of the VIP, the more chance there is that a manager is involved, which acts as a middleman. In the current world there is almost no simple way for individuals to invest in their idols and be part of their career, exploiting a massive lack in the current industry.

There are many careers to be made globally and people lose track of each other. Not knowing they have admirers so careers have an easier chance for a quality and financial boost from those admirers’ support with the availability of tokenization on the Peoplez platform. The users can establish a connection with their idol and in case of VIPs, it is without the use of a middleman.

In this introductory post, we won’t linger on the more technical features of, such as the Assembly Code Converter and the Bytecode Compiler. You can learn more about the technology from the revised WhitePaper. has the potential to become the largest NFT Marketplace out there — and it will happen sooner than you think. Join Us on Telegram and be the first to know when we loop!




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