3 min readNov 10, 2021

Peoplez November 29 IDO is pleased to announce the completion of a highly successful pre-sale round, led by a number of well-known players. We are also added Three prominent advisors to our board.

About Peoplez and the funding round

For months, we’ve been working hard on the first true NFT Marketplace platform for building connection with VIP's, As our vision is inching closer to reality, we are very proud and honored that so many of the leading blockchain experts and investors have realized the value of our project.

Peoplez gives non-tech founders the power to create great NFT's content without writing any code, deploy them on our Internal Marketplace, and have full control of their content as VIP's. We plan to add exclusive contents, Back stage passes, including schedule a meet up with their favorite VIP's — a monumental task that will require many Celebraties, a lot of programming and of course, financial resources.

Luckily, the response from blockchain investment funds has been extremely positive. We officially closing our first funding round on November 29, 2021 and will Move into the IDO round. The funds will be used to attract more talent to our team and cover the marketing costs.

An impressive roster of participants

Among the participants who purchased $LEZ, There is going to be 6 blockchain LaunchPads. It’s quite rare for a crypto startup to attract so many institutional buyers to the Initial DEX offering and such an excellent result points to the inherent value of

The full list of the LaunchPads is provided below:

Peoplez welcomes Four experienced advisors

Finally, it’s our pleasure to introduce our new advisors. Their insights, wide-ranging experience, vast market expertise, and valuable connections will prove priceless for the team.

Fabian van Doesburg: Certified marketing guru since before Google was a search engine and Co-founder of 8-bit, the exclusive marketing arm for Kucoin exchange and this time

Perry Kniest: Owns a successful Web hosting company for over 16 years called Hostingking.

Dan Khomenko: Futuristic and Inspirationalist. This man is a legend. Plus CEO of Nftheroes, Spaceswap, Nftstars, nft-radio and executive member in one of the biggest blockchain consulting.

Evan Luthra: He will be supporting us throughout different aspects of #Peoplez, especially marketing and promotional tactics. He's truly a man to look after as an entrepreneur and a blockchain enthusiast.

Now that the $LEZ pre-sale is almost complete and the advisory board is strengthened, will focus on developing the Internal NFT Marketplace and on integrating additional VIP's. December and January should bring many important tech updates: join the official Telegram group and don’t miss a single one.

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