Illustration: Sandro Rybak for IFF.

We built this together and I’m truly amazed by all that we accomplished

Announcing the 2020 IFF’s Creative Concept

“A festival is just densified internet.”

Behind the scenes of the 2020 IFF creative direction process

Community development requires putting the interests of the group above those of the individual, as difficult as it may sometimes be.

A community-run and community-led event turned one of the largest and most diverse gatherings on technology and human rights

If the Gag Law is passed in Spain in July, only our virtual avatars will have the right to protest.

Last week we had an example of techno-activism in the streets of Madrid.

As a response to the unfair and repressive Gag Law, the government's attempt to stomp out social movements…

Diseño: Pepe Borrás. Licencia CC BY

El contundente último estudio de Freedom House sobre el estado global de las libertades en internet (Freedom of the Net) muestra un panorama internacional en el que proliferan nuevas leyes y medidas para aumentar la censura y la vigilancia indiscriminada, así como para disminuir las libertades civiles y de prensa.

Pepe Borrás

Creative Strategy at the Intersection of Human Rights and Tech. Internet Freedom Festival Co-founder & Former ED / BBH London + Hyper Island Alumn

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