I myself had the same feeling.
Raimon Lapuente

First of all thanks for the response Raimon. Very appreciated. Like talking about our thoughts and sharing our struggles!

I myself had the same feeling.
Motivation goes down, not just at side projects, sport, or work, everything. You just want to be alone, or do nothing or stay with friends? well it’s OK, and perfectly normal.

I feel lately that I want to spend more time with people. It’s also my fault that I haven’t spent much time connecting with people. Then I spend most of my time alone, which makes the matter even worse.

I had this feeling for the past 2–3 months (holiday helped a bit but it’s also postponing things). I think this is a mix of things: your own pressure to do what you where doing + the fact that you where doing it + you know you should be doing it + other (you pointed some already).

This is kind of what happened to me (even I was only one week). But suddenly you have all the stuff in front of you. Your mind starts waving and can’t concentrate. Mine was literally jumping from one thing to another. I’d love to have more control on that and say: I’m doing this, forget about everything else.

During my holiday I read about “ocupational burnout” and it’s root cause is expectations vs reality. In my case I didn’t know I was burnout until I was really burnt (usually happens that way).

That’s exactly what I’m feeling. Do you have that link to read about occupational burnout? Raimon Lapuente

Another way IMO of explaining is braing hangover. I’ve been working like crazy for how long? Super productive, but that doesn’t mean that you can sustain that level forever. I also learned this the hard way.

Did you stop working that crazy. I got involved in a lot of things and don’t know how to say no. It’s very easy for me to lose focus.

To me you’re doing a hell lot of stuff, one thing to admire really. Following your doing I opened my Growth Trello board :D. My best advice would be: do 1 thing at a time. For me now is challenging just doing 1 course, staying motivated and trying to start a project.

That’s the source of the problem. I’m with something when I then start thinking on something else. I should have a backlog of ideas and instead of moving them to action just straight away, just put them in a notebook, or a Trello list and whenever I have a peace moment, just pick them up and sleep over them.

BTW you said 8 hours, but your calendar shows 10–5 (4–5 I assume is work). You have 1 hour commute :-/ ?

I put that because ideally and being super productive I think that’s enough for a day. 8 hours can be compressed in 5, but that’s “idea” and doesn’t happen most of the times.

Those are theoretical times, but have you actually recorded those during a solid week? What I found is there’s time you don’t notice (I hardly exit work at the same time for example), shoping, and other stuff. Don’t micromanage yourself it’s bad. Also try to think what really makes you happy. I found that doing things because “I have to do them” not always works for me. And if something you did in the past is not making you happy any more, that’s fine too (open source projects die all the time).

The truth is that I haven’t. The only thing I track actually are the workouts. I don’t want to tracks things because that makes me feel more pressure. Just want to focus on the thing I’m doing and forget about time. This was just a representation of how I thing the schedule would be but of course, it’s very flexible. I try, as you said, to be happy and to do the things that I want to do at every moment, but when you get involved in a lot of things, there’re only a few of them that really motivate you. And you are kind of forced to do the rest. Good open source point! Deprecation, I did that with one of my libraries and I ended up picking it up and continuing its development.

Overall I think we impose so much to ourselves that it may be too much. Looking at some other colleagues in computing, I don’t see them like this or even changing profession and look at other engineers, they work and then go home and have fun.

Do you think it’s changing? Do you think nowadays we are more connected to the work that we can’t disconnect? Or do you think it’s something of our community?

Most difficult thing is going to be asking yourself and answering yourself on a sincere way what makes you happy, what you want. I found it extremely difficult. Also in my experience (2 years in London), being alone in a city is not easy and despite doing a lot of stuff may help. It doesn’t make it less hard.

You arouse a very interesting topic. The place where you develop your activity. I can imagine how you felt in London. Being abroad is very helpful for you as a person, to grow personal and professionally, but being far from home is sometimes hard. I’m actually considering moving somewhere else. I started a relationship quite recently and it’s hard to be separated.

Be mindful of yourself.

I’ll do. Thanks for all your tips!

Any case, want to skype or something i’m here :D

:beers: NSSpain?