Write to Contribute (WTC)

WTC is a knowledge sharing platform of Pepipost, made for developers by developers. Teach others and grow as an author and a developer by learning more and get an opportunity to earn as well!!

WTC enables people to create content for Pepipost’s public knowledge base (which includes blogs and documentation). Through the program, community authors receive a personal payout starting from $25 to $100 for each contribution.

The work of these community authors helps grow Pepipost’s library of integration guides and solutions to different types of email related problems, mostly around the free and open-source softwares.

What is the payout structure?

Most new tutorials are paid out at $25, in form of Amazon Gift Voucher or Paypal transfers. You’re free to choose :)

Complex integration topics may be paid out at up to $100 (the actual payout amount will be decided by the editorial team and will be communicated to you once you share your topic). Updates for existing tutorials are not covered under WTC.

*All payouts are at editorial discretion.

Publication process

Apply → Proposal review → Start Writing → Review/Revision → Publish.

· Apply: Apply to the program by sharing your proposal on the topic which you want to write to editorial@pepipost.com. You can also select a topic of your choice from our content roadmap sheet:


· Proposal review: Your proposal will be screened by our editorial team within 24–48 hrs and if selected, you will receive a confirmation email from us with the payout details.

· Start Writing: Once you receive the confirmation email, it’s time to write. We provide free resources, like our writing guidelines and few templates, to help you get started.

· Review/Revision: Submit your first draft and collaborate one-on-one with one of our senior tech writer to revise your work.

· Publish: After revisions, you need to publish the article on any of the following forum under your account:
 a) medium.com
 b) any popular tech portal of your choice
 c) your own blog page

Once the article is published, share the link with us on editorial@pepipost.com. We will send your payment within 24–48hrs and publish your article on our blog too under your name and will give reference to your original source.
Pepipost will also promote your article across all of our social networks. You can also share that too :-)