I wanna share about rabbits. I'm a zoophobia (excepr fish), include rabbits. Since I was given this bunny doll, this phobia was fade away (only for the rabbits) because I haven't got any little siblings.

Now, I wanna explain about this hashtag. Every year, thousands of rabbits are abandoned to shelters or released outdoord where they will likely die. Up to 95% of "easter bunnies" don’t make it to the age of 1 which they should live 10+ years (idk how it happens here). It makes me not to wanna own the pet because I’m scared with the commitment. How about the next marriage commitment ? It makes me not to determine the age to have a wedding because the begin of violences are from our unready for commiting whether it has a pet or get married and settle down.

This hashtag is for all of living things forever. They're rightful to be a hyperactive and enjoy the nature. Just for urgent need and survive if you wanna kill them, not for a sucktisfication and finally to be a lifestyle.

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