Pep Love Wax’s Poetic on Prophetic Fire

Wax Poetic… Back at it again. The statement that I’m trying to make is that hip hop music and culture has an intrinsic value that can only be quantified in the hearts and minds of those that it has affected. But since misrepresentation and exploitation run rife in the music industry those affected hearts and minds have been marginalized. The mantra is that hip hop music has no value anymore. Music doesn’t sell anymore. You can’t make money as a hip hop artist unless you’ve sold a ton of records or unless you’re song is in rotation on commercial radio. So many of us have been ridiculously under compensated because of these pervasive bullshit notions. I’m here to tell anyone who supports these lies to please sit down and be quiet. Pessimism will no longer rule the day. Hip hop is my tribe and I will not sit by idle and let anyone disparage us anymore. I am on fire for justice, as Cornell West might say, and I’m not the only one. Recently my brother Equipto had a chance encounter with the Mayor of San Francisco. And we all know that the local government have allowed and participated in some pretty devious stuff to marginalize people. I’ll just say it so we can get it out of the way. GENTRIFICATION. Equipto is on fire for justice and he isn’t going to let anyone do wrong and be in the wrong around him without letting them know about their self. I haven’t even seen the video of his “conversation” with the mayor. But I know Queezy gave his ass the bizness because I’ve seen him do it before. He isn’t holding his tongue for anyone and the man is very articulate and well spoken. He is not a rude and impolite person. HE IS ON FIRE. There is a huge difference. When someone is on fire they can speak the word, let it be heard and let it reflect. This is real power, not the authority that politicians and the police wield to commit acts of violence. I’m talking about the might of right. We can all stand up and hold people accountable for the wrong they do no matter how high and mighty they think they are. We can all stand up and make an effort to right the injustices committed by the wicked, mighty and powerful. We will continue to speak truth to power because its in the blood and bones of hip hop to do so. Breathe fire on the beat and breathe fire in the street. The new underground hip hop of today has a message of speaking truth to power. And it resonates with people. It resonates with the conditions that we deal with in this day and age. Its time for us to deal with that. There are a lot of pressing issues that need to be addressed NOW. Come to Wax Poetic hear the hip hop gospel truth and let the prophetic fire spread…

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