When first planning to turn our internal email platform into a standalone product, we knew that one of the main challenge both from a technology and UX perspective would be to design a world-class email template builder.

Identify The Pain Points

While building Pepo Campaigns initial features — i.e. Lists and HTML Campaigns —…

Our strongest passion at Pepo Campaigns is to marry world-class user experiences with robust and scalable technology solutions to make a positive impact on people and organisations.

While our team is best-known for giving birth to consumer-facing applications like Fab.com and Hem.com, behind the scenes we have a long history…

In this article I discuss how common perceptions around Dedicated IP’s vs. Shared IP’s for email marketing should be rethought in light of Amazon Web Services — AWS Simple Email Service — SES.

In Email marketing there is a common perception that Dedicated IPs are a must for enterprises…

Pepo Campaigns

Pepo Campaigns is the most powerful solution for Amazon SES email marketing. All the tools you need to succeed. At the best price. 📬 pepocampaigns.com

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