Actually, it is Core that want to retain the unique monetary properties of Bitcoin by keeping it…
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I hate the ‘keep it decentralized’ bullshit of an argument. Would you rather have a million users with 10,000 nodes (1%) or a billion users with a million nodes (0.1%)? You act like it’s going to be one node processing the world’s transactions. Small blockers are already perfectly fine with 70%–80% of network hash power CENTRALIZED in China. Of course they are, Blockstream Core only has to have a small ‘conference’ to “convince” miners that 2MB will be implemented ‘in the future.’

Also, it’s already expected for nodes to go down as users use lightweight wallets since they don’t have to use full nodes to have a wallet.

Your list of segwit support is a joke. 21 ‘no’, 19 ‘wip’, and only 9 ‘yes’. Only just under 19% for yes. Who knows how long ‘wip’ and ‘no’ group will take let alone the rest of the network.

Sure segwit users benefit immediately but users and wallets that do not implement segwit and receive funds from a segwit transactions will end up with transactions they cannot validate.