Jun 2, 2016 · 2 min read

Remote device Monster Trucks For newbies

monster truck

Rc monster trucks really are a wonderful hobby which can be enjoyed by both adults and kids. It makes no difference if you want to just drive them around your yard or try competitive racing, there is an RC monster truck for you. There are lots of selections of rc monster trucks around. On this website, you will learn about a number of the choices that you have and just what they will mean for the r/c monster truck.

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Nitro/Gas or Electricity?

The Nitro/Gas powered trucks would be the fastest accessible. The appliance can travel around 50 mph! If you’re looking for speed or get involved with r/c monster truck racing, you will need to go this route. Gas powered engines might be finicky at not want to begin from time to time just like your pesky lawnmower. Gas trucks will also be more noisy than electric.

Electrical powered trucks are perfect for beginners that are just becoming mixed up in the hobby. These trucks are really simple to use. Just charge it and away you go. Fortunately they are quieter than gas and electric trucks. What you make up for in simplicity of use you pay for in speed. If you need these trucks to approach the speed of the gas powered truck you will want expensive motors and batteries.


Scale means sized your vehicle. An example scale would be 1/24. This means how the truck is 24 times less space-consuming than bona fide. Therefore, the lower the next number is, the bigger the r/c vehicle is. So a 1/10 scale truck is greater than the usual 1/24 scale.


There are many places where one can race your remote control monster truck. Use Google to find club or a group close to you that is linked to remote device monster truck racing.

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