The Daily Caller Is Totally Wrong About Michelle Obama’s School Lunches
Natasha Geiling

I pay 2.50 a day for my son to eat at school… I basically waste 2.50 a day because he refuses to eat what they serve. I went to the school at lunch time to see WHY my son refused to eat the food. hmm maybe i went on a BAD day, but i dont blame him for refusing to eat it. THANK GOD they have “snacks” that you can buy that are edible to eat. Otherwise he would of went hungry.. They really need to revise this LUNCH menu for the children again, even though there are few “GOOD reviews” on it there is more HORRIBLE reviews… And may i add if a child who packs a “sack lunch” imo they are smart, dont go rifling through the child’s lunch to see if it is “ACCEPTABLE” .. If the parents pack their lunch that is their right what their child eats at lunch…. And OMFG if they packed a sweet a goody for them DONT take it away.. Most parents will pack a normal lunch a sandwich, chips, fruit and maybe a cookie .. WTH is wrong with that??? My son is in High School, packing a lunch now is out of the ? So I will still pay the 2.50 a day for him to look at it , maybe nibble at it and throw it in the garbage. Back in my day hmmm 40 years ago, Lunches were awesome… You had you basic nutrients and the food was great. Plus yes…. they gave you a dessert.. Those peanut butter Rice Krispy bars were the bomb… LOL It made up for the grapefruit slices. bleh they gave ya.. ….

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