About Me

I’ve been wandering through the tech world for well over 21 years now. Officially starting as a docs and technical adviser for a Computer Aided Drafting software startup back in 1994. I’ve worked in everything from customer support, marketing, engineering, and even a little Sales in the dark days.

My first computer program was an animated house with smoke coming out of the chimney on a Commodore Vic20 back in 1983. Yes, it’s been that long. I still own that Vic20 in it’s original box complete with dataset drive.

Since the late 90’s I’ve mainly focused on scripting languages of one kind or another. JavaScript and even VBScript in the very early days at a Fantastic startup called Chili!Soft (Thanks Charles!). While at Sun Microsystems I was the lead product manager on the iPlanet Web Server along with Joe McCabe. In the late years of Sun, I helped with scripting languages in the JVM like JRuby, Jython, JavaScript (Nashorn) and Groovy. Admittedly very little on the Groovy side though. Through it all JavaScript has remained my one joy. Even in the years where you had to hide that joy a little bit. ;-)

Today, I work for Oracle and am the senior product manager for the Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit (JET). JET is the newest toolkit used by Oracle itself to develop a very large percentage of the Oracle Cloud software being delivered to customers. JET is an open source project sponsored by Oracle and is available on GitHub.

It seems rare that I’m not working, but when I’m not, you will probably find me watching, playing, or coaching soccer somewhere.