Scope and Challenges Before Textile and Apparel Industry

In present era textile and apparel industry is one of the most flourishing industries. We can people are very conscious about their dressing sense and it can be found there is always crowd in front of garments shop. Whether it is formal or casual apparel the demand for each clothes is at its peak. We can find different fashion designers in the industry launching their different design that are appreciated by people and we can find people love to accept all those designs. For different age group and gender we can find varied collection, which keep them comfortable as well as look smart. All these shows that people are freak about apparels and love to buy new ones at frequent interval for regular use or for parties and functions.

All these have given boost to people involved in textile and apparel industry in different ways. Further, it can be also found increasing number of distributors and garments stores in the markets of different geographical areas. However, due to increasing number of brands and stores it can be found textile and apparel industry is witnessing highly competitive market where any variation in sales strategy can affect the markets largely. If a brand is not well equipped with advanced tools that can improve sales strategies then it’s a high time to think about that as many new and existing brands are coming up with best sales strategies.

What are the major challenges before brands operating in textile and apparel industry?

Inventory management is one of the most important challenges before textile and apparel industry. For any brand it is essential to check the stock holdings of different distributors carrying business at varied geographical areas. The major reason behind this fact is that if there will be over stock there will chances of damage and sales returns, which affect badly the profitability of any company. On the other hand in cases where there will be shortage of inventory it will give competitive edge to other brand whose stock is available in market. It will also increase the chance where your brand loyal customers may switch to other brand due to unavailability of your product.

Therefore, it can be judged excess or less supply of inventory both are the cause of loss. If the sales management of any brand have technique to determine these differences in time and can move excess holdings to places where inventory is in shortage then it can reduces the chances of suffering losses. It will also minimize the chance where your brand loyal customer will switch to some other brand. For this a company has to make its sales team very efficient at evaluating the stock availability of different distributors and retailers carrying businesses in varied geographical areas.

How a brand can keep close check on stock availability?

In the era of advanced technology a brand may be new or market leader can keep close check on their stock availability in different markets. There are mobile applications available in market, which are user friendly and very efficient in determining stock availability. These mobile apps are made for the customized needs of textile industry and by using it a distributor and sales personal can keep close check on the stock availability of markets in geographical areas.

The employee tracking software is one of the mobile apps that can work very smartly for textile and apparel industry. By using the apps a distributor can place his or her order from android phones. Further, it is also easier task for a salesman to keep close check on inventory holding of distributors and retailers.

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