I got an email from Andela that I won’t be part of the candidates that will continue with the training, that’s sad but that’s not the first sad thing to happen to me this weekend! First one was Liverpool losing to a not fancy Burnley side.. That set the tone for a shit weekend for me!

It was a great week at Andela and I gained some valuable experience over there that will come handy for me in the future. I moved on from the disappointment already because I’m writing this on my way to Ibadan and those who know me knows Ibadan is where I go when I want to recharge and clear my head. I’ll be doing that for a week and also working on a unity 3D project for my masters program at Unilag, so, it should be a fun week for me.

To those who made the cut, good luck with the rest of the program and I’ll keep in touch with you guys.

Great week ahead guys!

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