Defining Spirituality & an Outlook on Truth.

When one is to think in terms of the spiritual, one is likely to think of different ways of life and religious practices. One can visualize Eastern monks, Western priests and the healing-rock collectors in between. However, these are not what I consider to be spiritual to its highest degree because one’s culture should play no part in the access to Truth. This is not because my argument is set out to disprove any, as I find what I believe is Truth in many, but rather sees them as possible subsets of the bigger picture I am attempting to paint. With knowledge of the uncertainty that undoubtedly lasts in the back of the human psyche, I’ll be the last to claim I have all the answers. My understanding of Truth is based upon my own experience and introspection which continuously evolves and changes as I do the same in the journey of Life and self-actualization. What may be true to myself, may not be true to you.

Spirituality, for me, is experiencing life itself and the exploration of what it means to exist. In the odds that everything somehow exists at all; purposeless existence, in itself, shows me the true purpose. That everything is the way it is for reason of itself — to exist. A harmonious dance of energy and matter — of creation and not. With this in mind all life sees as being the good life, as long as one’s expectations bring no torment, because the fact that life exists at all is the greatest thing someone who lives can come to understand. In a world full of distractions, I see it is easy for one to forget or write off this subtle but valuable truth.

In my moments of illumination, all existence seems quite perfect as it is, even though there is intense suffering that I feel floods of empathy for. But this Truth does not disregard the ones at which are sought to suffer but brings value in accordance to joy; a spectrum which has to exist for us to feel anything at all. I can very easily picture the utopia the collective think they wish for being much more dystopic in reality, especially compared to the world we currently live in. All smiles big and bright but lacking the feeling that creates the meaning. In words we can relate to, I compare the purpose behind the suffering of the world to the existence of the saddest songs, carrying the feeling that hurts on the surface but somehow satisfies within, leaving a foundation for future measures of happiness. I see a world without this balance as no world at all.

As for ways of practice, there is no yoga regimen, no hours spent in worship, and although I see meditation to be a useful tool in many ways, it is not a necessity. For me, practicing is engaging in moments as they come, reflecting as they flee and experiencing for the sake that I have the ability to experience. I am finite witnessing the infinite, and with this notion in mind I am humbled, with a drive toward experiencing the whole spectrum of life as it greets me.


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