There is a bunch of people that don’t really know if there’s any difference between in such hyped terms like machine learning and deep learning and how these two are related to each other. Before we go any further, it’s worth mentioning that even though AI, ML, and deep learning often times are used instead of one another, especially by some businessmen, marketers or startuppers, but these terms are not all the same! So, please, stop muddle them!

Scratching the surface: terms and definitions

To start with, artificial intelligence is a much broader term that encompasses machine learning and its smaller subset of deep learning. Do…

Using Andrew Ng’s mantra about spaceship and fuel it needs, anyone on a mission to create a first-class AI-powered product needs vast amounts of data to feed to the machines. Such a necessity is dictated by multiple parameters in models that computers are to master. And to tell the truth, the problem of getting a bunch of training samples or marked and structured information is even harder to solve than just take some algorithm and use it. …

What machine and deep learning can offer to business

To begin with, we’re here to emphasize once again that first of all, machine learning is a great tool to boost revenues and, if it happens, a nice side effect of using machine learning development is about to bring down the costs. What’s more, this notion is essential to remember when speaking on principles that make machine learning tick in business realm for the main goal of any company is to sell and do it right being its information, products or services.

But you are probably wondering what the steps to roaring trade are. Here, you need to ask yourself…

It’s not a news that ML and AI serve as backbones of many systems and power unique user experiences across different business verticals.

Though machine learning and AI can be used to cut business costs due to the automation and the ability to perform specific tasks a huge amount of time without loss of quality. However, the main reason why companies embed machine learning systems and algorithms is that such systems are aimed to improve business processes by processes efficiency growth. Today, we will walk you through the most renowned use cases of machine learning development in the modern realm.

Machine learning development at scale: Uber lesson

Top 10 ways to get your startup funded

This time we decided to continue talking about money and touch the base with the financials. Yes, you can significantly reduce your software development costs — but you still require some funds for development and future customer acquisition. That is why we’ve listed all the most popular means to source your startup funding so you can take an informed decision which one to go for.


Knowing the right people could be a chance for startup funding. You never know who might get inspired by your innovative idea. Sourcing your seed capital might seem challenging but at the end, it’s not…

Best Entrepreneurs Advice for Startups

At PerceptionBox we work a lot with different startups and we see what kind of mistakes they make and what kind of pitfalls they face with. This sometimes makes us frown (we knew that this will happen and we warned), sometimes we are amazed at how large and unpredictable issues the founders have to face with, and sometimes we open the new side of the old problem or find out that the issues of one industry are built-in other industry as well.

That is why we decided to gather several peaces of advices from different startuppers or experienced entrepreneurs to…

Growing demand for services that are quick, simple, and accessible from any screen even on the go is a primary reason for digitalization in finance. What is FinTech and what does digitalization stand for?

FinTech is short for financial technology that responds to emerging trends in modern finance. At the dawn, the term was coined to describe the back-end of mature trading and consumer-facing financial organizations. Later on, the notion has broadened and embraced technological advancement in the financial system.

These were, as per Investopedia, but not limited to any kind of technological innovation in the financial sector e.g. financial…


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