As young Ben was scanning my groceries and asking the occasional question about my choices,
One Effortless Way to Bring Home Free Nourishment from the Grocery Store
Gail Boenning

A great story but my mind wondered into the future. The not-too-distant future.

Young Ben will be eliminated by the machine learning AI cloud as your groceries will be automatically scanned as you head out the door. Your credit or debit card will be automatically charged and the store will know how much money you have available as soon as you walk in!

Ben will lose his job.

And you need not bother to get in your car, waste your time and gasoline and other maintenance on your vehicle.

The groceries you need will be pulled by Amazon robots at Whole Foods and delivered to you by a driverless car or drone.

More jobs eliminated.

And you are very happy that Whole Foods just lowered their prices by 30, 40, even 50 percent! You’re saving more money!

But more people are losing their jobs as the robots take over with their machine learning and cloud and Artificial Intelligence BS that will make life easier but have a lot more people on the government dole.

So grocery shopping will be effortless but taxes will be going up to pay people to stay home and write for Medium.

Truly a sad commentary on our times!