Right now close to 50% of the adult population does not pay income tax which basically means that…

Agreed. My National Health Tax has nothing to do with income.

As far as business and corporations go it will be “off the top” and not a tax on profits which can be manipulated. A top line revenue tax ensures that if you sell or provide anything there will be a price to pay…..for the good of the country.

Now we know that 50% pay no income tax but they do have money, get money, make money in some way or another. When they take that money from whatever source they purchase things.

If they buy broccoli, spinach and celery there is no tax.

If they buy beer, wine or booze or cigarettes or McD’s 1000 calorie specials there is a tax to take care of the millions of slugs who end up in the hospital with heart disease, diabetes, cancer……

I’m sure we can determine what is good for you and what is not so good.

I’m just trying to figure a way where everyone has literal skin in the game.

As far as waiting lines that is a supply/demand problem. Get more doctors. Get more supply of facilities such as MedCare or QuikCare or all of these places that are popping up to care for your problems.

But my main goal is that everyone goes in and must identify themselves (and if they can’t they get fingerprinted) and gets care.

If they are visiting legally they had to purchase a healthcare policy at the airport ticket window.

Everyone must pay and everyone gets care.

And everyone gets care without paying anything at the care provider or ever getting a bill in the mail from the provider, insurer or government.

The government collects money and distributes to insurers. They argue about payments. YOU DO NOT GET INVOLVED UNLESS THERE IS FRAUD. You must agree to what was done to you (if you are conscious).

Let’s keep thinking! 💭

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