An Open Letter to IBM’s WATSON

If you’re so smart why aren’t you running for president?

Maybe in 2020 we could have an artificial intelligence species run the country- and the world!

But all seriousness aside I wish the economists would utilize Watson to model new approaches in financial management that optimizes return on humankind.

If you’ve noticed for the past 300 years we try different systems and new fangled methods to achieve cents and sensibility in our economic world. And if a space alien landed here today it would wonder what the hell we are doing!

At first I thought I could access Watson and plug in some what if numbers to see what kind of a result we could get. Like what if we just printed $4 trillion more dollars and distributed it to everyone hurt by the last recession. So if you are rich you get nothing. If you were poor before the recession you still are. But if you had savings and retirement and a house and lost everything you get reimbursed.

So what would Watson say?

But then I thought that is the slow and tedious method. Why not let Watson analyze the economic model and prescribe ways to enhance the happiness of all people? Could this be done?

Lets ask Watson!