It’s not a right when I am forced to give up my assets that I have earned and saved while those who have not get a better deal,
So let me get this strait, it was totally ethical for Obamacare via it’s overwhelming requirements…

And that’s the crux of the problem. If we are making money and take care of ourselves and we don’t use the system we have to pay for those who get sick ( and that’s ok ) and we have to pay for the “slugs.”

What are the slugs of society?

They smoke. They drink. The eat fatty, salty, sugary foods. They use drugs. They don’t exercise. They get diabetes, heart attacks, strokes. They do the things that suck the healthcare system dry.

So, as I’ve said before, if I am going to pay for you then I am going to own you.

Not in a “slavery” sense, but I am going to make you pay for your bad habits and lifestyle.

You are going to pay a price for everything you do that could drain the system.

You are going to pay a tax (or more tax) on the bad foods you eat. The cigarettes you smoke. The booze you drink.

And that will be spread across the land evenly. And if it hits the poor, so be it.

Live smarter and thrive. Be stupid and die.

But don’t expect me to pay for it.