Collectively, we employ tens of thousands of people,
An Open Letter from Social Entrepreneurs to President Trump
Skoll Foundation

And why am I and millions like me not employed by you?

Why are 9.2% of the working population unemployed or underemployed?

Why are you not working to solve this problem to give peace and prosperity to our lives?

Why are long standing citizens of America, some whose families have been here for centuries allowed to be displaced in favor of immigrants? Immigrants who have paid no price to the building of America but favored over us?

The answer is that we are expendable. We are collateral damage. Our lives do not matter.

I have worked here for 40 years and some immigrant is not just going to waltz in and bump me out as if they were on a union seniority list. I’ve already been bumped by a minority under Affirmative Action and already bumped by outsourcing.

We must take our country back again because without borders, enforced borders, we don’t have a country.

Listen to what I am saying here.

You have a problem that needs addressing and the current government administration is trying to solve it.

Stop resisting and be part of the solution.

Instead of looking all over the world to make someone happy look right here in this country and make us happy!

There are millions of us and that’s why there’s President Trump.

Tim Gunn says “…make it work!”

We say “…make us work!”