I also drank way more than any underage kid should have been able to and did my fair share of drugs.
There were inequalities, but I’d attribute those more to a thorough breakdown in teaching and…
arthur lecuyer

Arthur. I am shocked. Thoroughly shocked about your wayward misspent youth!

Your writings of today bear no resemblance to the destructive brain cell damage of the past indiscretions.

And I was glad to learn about your parents. My best friend of all the world for the past 60 years had a truck driver father and he too became an over the road cannonball.

My Dad was in WWII in the Navy and became a boiler operator for the local electric utility. Mom was a stay at home parent.

We lived comfortably on $14,279 per year in 1969. 2 cars, a ranch house and dinner out once a week whether we needed it or not.

Times have really changed.

Thank you for your perspective on life!

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