Battle Of Trenton, 2017
Dane A. Wisher

As a New Jersey resident for nigh on 66 years and all of them in Burlington County I am looking with great interest at the upcoming election.

The past 9 plus years have been a living hell so I am looking for payback. And payback is a bitch.

We lost our jobs. We lost our income. We lost all our wealth. We went bankrupt. We went into foreclosure. We just lost the house on December 15.

What did Christie and other republicans and democrats do to help us?

They did squat.

You let us stew in our juices and twist in the wind like a hanging slave in Mississippi.

You did squat.

Ok. So we are decimated, devastated and destroyed.

And we haven’t been able to recover.


I don’t care who runs; Golden Slacks Murphy or the Wis.

Whoever runs better address the problem.

We want our wealth and income back.

And if you can’t write us a big check or give us a good paying government job at least give us preferential treatment.

You have to do something to give us an edge. If I have worked here for 40 years I should have preference over anyone, and I mean anyone, who has less standing than I do.

We need relief. Like the victims of Sandy we were crushed by the financial tsunami of the Wall Street Whores. And we have no recourse, no claim to the injustice caused by those unprosecuted bastards.

My wife and I both voted for Trump because we want a shakeup in Washington.

We need a shakeup and wake up call in Trenton!