An open letter to Wells Fargo customers
Hillary Clinton

As a very satisfied Wells Fargo client and fan of CEO John Stumpf I am shocked at what has transpired. Unfortunately heads will roll and roll quickly. But I ask, what other illegalities are occurring there and in other banks? And, as Senator Warren has asked, why have no indictments been issued on the two dozen or so culprits related to the 2008 financial crisis? Why are the Walk Street individuals being protected?

President Obama and yourself to some extent have had nearly 8 years to correct the injustice. Injustice that is obvious to the most casual observer.

With that thought in mind I am continuing my support for Donald Trump. Not because he can or will do anything but because the Democratic Party has failed millions of the common people that have been devastated, decimated and destroyed.

The only way I and my wife will vote for you is if you propose a plan to directly compensate us for the losses incurred. Losses directly incurred by criminal activities which have yet to be prosecuted.