When I was poor, if I was given a refundable tax credit that I could have used to buy health insurance but didn’t have to, I would have used that money to rent a safer apartment.
What poor feels like.
Shaunta Grimes

Bingo! And that’s the problem with giving people money to survive.

They will not use it for which it is intended.

There’s always another need somewhere else.

Insurance is a great example.

When you buy a home with a mortgage the mortgage company escrows funds for homeowners insurance. They make sure that insurance is in force on the home they are financing.

But when it comes to life or car insurance or health insurance you don’t have to buy it. You can skip it and take a chance.

If a cop stops you you will get a ticket. Uninsured motorist!

If you die without life insurance. Oh well, who cares?

And if you get sick without health insurance and go to the emergency ward you will be treated but I end up paying for you.

That’s why I would like to see the system be idiot proof. Everybody that drives could be covered by liability insurance if $0.10 per gallon was added to your gasoline tab.

Everybody would be covered in basic health insurance if there was a tax on all those bad foods, drinks, smokes, etc.

A healthcare tax is good for the country. We would all benefit.

But to give people a choice to buy something is a bad idea. Especially for mandatory services.