Once his man Trump came in, all hell broke loose in his Industry.
What a World
David Gross

Dave. Even though this is anecdotal evidence it is happening! Trump didn’t have to do anything and all hell would break loose for the better. It is like the foot of Obama was removed from my neck; wrestled off by THE GREAT WHITE HOPE who grabbed him by the crotch and slammed him and Hillary at the same time.

As a beneficiary of this renewed and explosive economic activity I am grateful to him and will overlook any and all of the crapola associated with him and his administration. If he shot someone on 5th Avenue in self defense I would commend him not condemn him.

Recently 2 black men broke into a house with baseball bats in Moorestown, NJ and the owner was home. The owner stabbed them with a kitchen knife killing one and severely injuring the other. The injured man was caught at the hospital.

The owner defended his life and property and is to be commended.

Trump is a fighter. He takes no crap off of anyone. Why should he? We love a fighter and we love an underdog which he was.

Now he is the top dog and is still being hammered by the baseball bat crowd.

Come on Trump. Defend our life, liberty and our pursuit of happiness!

That’s why we voted for you!

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