When she met me 2 weeks ago, while she spoke to me, she kept both her hands on the section of my right leg that still is in pain, is red and has no hair and shines and other things…she spoke for a while and the whole time, she kept her hands without gloves on my shiny leg that could have ooozzed on her and given her anything.
Woo Hoo!
David Gross

Dave. My biggest most heartiest laughs tonight are in this paragraph.

When I read “has no hair and shines and other things” I asked myself what other things.

I read it several times and laughed harder each time!

Then I read “oozed” and “given her anything” and laughed even more!

Then I realized that I better never, ever get drunk with you because I guarantee I will not survive the laughter. My heart will certainly give out and I will lose all bowel and kidney control.

PS. My wife still does not know of our rendezvous and still asks what I am laughing about!

PSS. I had a vision we will be successful and tears of joy will flow. And it will be because individually we are weak but together, with Eric, we are exponentially stronger AND SMARTER!