Jay the 50–65 age bracket is experiencing soaring suicide rates, opiate addiction and is the…
George N Romey

Don’t cry for me Argentina! Those thoughts of suicide are long gone. It was just a flash to find a way to get money. A $1 million life insurance policy was in effect during the recession but I couldn’t afford to pay the premiums!

Isn’t that a stick in the eye! Too poor to die!

Things are getting better! Jobs are on their way. But in the meantime I am reviving my old business with a Medium connection!

I may have to thank Medium for saving our lives!

The complacent, incompetent and complicit government owes me over a million dollars lost.

So anything I make is a return on investment, not income! Thus, no taxes paid!

If Goldman Sachs can do it I can do it!

Think big!