Film Tax Credits: How to Save Money for Your Project

For over 12 years now my partner and I have been trying to get funding for our full length feature film. We have a $5 million tax credit/cash rebate from a state (which I cannot mention) and have a commitment from a bank for the rest. But we need the $5 million up front to get started.

We need an investor to put up the $5 mil and they will get the whole $5 mil rebate so it is a safe investment.

Then to sweeten the deal they will get a portion of profits (to be negotiated).

You would think big bucks investors would contact all 50 states film commissions to find out what’s available. Sort of an ambulance chaser for movie deals.

And you would think the film commissions would have a list of who invests and match them up with producers.

In other words be proactive!

We are stuck. We need to find investors interested in our project but we just don’t know where to turn.

Any ideas? 💡