How would you feel if your most embarrassing photos were published on Medium?
Gordie Jackson

Gordie. We are so much alike. Why are we living in the past? Why are years 6 to 16 so vivid? Memories are clear around age 10. But from age 30 to 55 a blur.

Me at age 6. Gunnery Sergeant John C Parker age 6 months. Lucia Dadino Zemartis (1908–2002) circa Xmas 1957

Ahhh 1957! The famous ‘57 Chevy is on the road. The Milwaukee Braves won the World Series with my favorite sports figure of all time, Hammering Hank Aaron. Only a quarter to see a movie in the theater. First Holy Communion. Ice skating on the lakes of Southern New Jersey. Taking the bus with Nana Z (above) and throwing up on my lap breathing in the diesel fumes. Moving in the new 3 bedroom 1 bath rancher that Dad built for $9,500 including land. Getting channel 9 walkie talkies for Xmas. Life was good on an income of $5,200 a year. My neighbor, Mrs. Sweeney taught me not to say “pee” but rather “tinkle.”

I distinctively remember our front door. A large solid wood door with the doorknob in the middle of the door! Dad was a genius.

Mom drops the last egg on the floor and cried.

Ahhh. Those were the days. The simpler time.