Thus the more one tries to explain to the true believer in rational and factual terms why they are wrong about their hero the more infuriated they become.
The Magical Power Of Donald Trump
James M. Ridgway, Jr.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend, Jim. I see you are riding herd again. But I must give you the perspective from South Jersey.

What I see here is still a staunch support of the President and the facts that are obvious to the most casual observer. We know and see that nothing is getting done but he is not getting the blame. The blame keeps diverting to Dems, establishment Repubs and that deep, dark state that we know is there but just can’t see it.

He is maintaining his walking on water abilities while the supporters see obstructionists from every which way.

Now, let the record show, he will not win in 2020 if this continues, even with this convoluted tax “reform” package passed.

No. He needs some major slams that are popular to that middle 60% of the political spectrum.

Most of the people I’m talking to are throwing in the towel and are accepting that nothing will change. And I have seen a distinctive slowdown in economic activity here since the Jewish holiday in September. November has been a disaster for me and I fear that this will be a long cold winter.

But when I look at Trump’s competition who is there? Who is so popular that they can knock him out? ABC. Anybody But Clinton. Except if you want to bring back Bill. He could win again.

So looking at America who is happy? Wall Street investors are elated. But other than that most people are not.

Noisy rhetoric is the norm. The white noise of distraction dominates the media. Trivial BS that is meaningless in the realm of the world is all we hear. To be fair, we are getting a lot of crap from both sides.

It’s what we used to call “mushroom management”-

Keep ‘em in the dark and feed ‘em a lot of shit.