How cool is it when your good friend makes it on a TV show?

A good friend of mine Anthony J. Sparano, Jr. was recently featured on the HGTV show Beachfront Bargain Hunt.

I’ve known Anthony going on 20 years now and we’ve done a lot and been through a lot.

We’ve been to each of both of our parents funerals and Anthony, along with his brothers Joe and Mike owned an Allstate Insurance business for many years.

I would tease him with “…you’re in good hands with Allstate-whoops!”

In addition to our financial services relationship we also dabbled in movie making. Anthony was the producer of several projects and I was executive producer on some of them.

When the brothers sold their franchise Anthony started AJS Construction and Renovations down at the Jersey shore.

We lost contact during the recession so you can imagine how shocked I was to see him on our favorite wish list program on HGTV.

He was helping a couple and their daughter renovate a beach house near Atlantic City.

They got the property with a beach view for only $235,000.

It’s great to know Anthony is doing well.

So much of life is having the right personality and he and his brothers excel.

He did a fabulous job for his clients and accomplished an awful lot for his price.

As with any project there are hidden or latent conditions which drive the budget up.

And his work brought the client’s family to tears.

And that was the father!

But in his defense Anthony’s work brought a tear to my eyes too. And I don’t even own the place.

I still say and will always say, money can buy you happiness!