Canada’s Single Payer Healthcare: The Pros and Cons
Jacob Quinn

I looked at the cons carefully and deduced that if we can solve those 3 we can have the greatest health care system in the world!

Long wait times and availability of services is a supply problem. We need more doctors and health care professionals and we need a total variety everywhere.

Problem solved.

Mental health not covered? Cover it!

Simple. Case closed. Lets do it!

Now. Here in America how do we get there from here?

We do a form of eminent domain but instead of taking land and property for public use we take the health care insurance companies. Yes. We do a hostile takeover and buyout these companies.

Most of the investors will be made whole and paid in cash. They just won’t have any stock anymore.

Once we absorb all the insurers we incorporate the new quasi-governmental organization called the National Health Insurance Corporation. NHIC is like FDIC or the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation.

NHIC collects the premiums and disperses to the providers. We cut out the middleman who is there to profit off of our illnesses. They’re gone!

All doctors, nurses, hospitals and providers join the national network and are compensated by negotiated contract. The more doctors, the lower the price. They are all vying for you, the health care consumer.

Tort reform is also necessary to keep premiums down.

And remember. This is not taxes. Or increased taxes. This is insurance premiums paid by all either directly or indirectly.

All payments are auditable. If that is a word. Severe penalties for waste, fraud and abuse. You know the drill.

Ok. There you have it. The new National Health Care Program in two minutes or less. And its not Trumpcare. It’s the Parker Plan (named after that simple minded but brilliant creator Jay Parker)

Forget about what’s in your wallet; what’s taking so long?