Money velocity is a measure that I put a lot of importance in.
John Whitling

In 2010 I coined the phrase “monetary fracking” which essentially describes what the economy needed under the Obama administration.

You know “hydraulic fracturing” comprises of massive amounts of liquids forced deep into the ground to unleash energy in the form of oil and gas.

What I believed was that the economy needed a massive infusion of liquidity (cash) deep into the bowels (pockets) of the citizens of the USA.

And I didn’t mean a Bush 43 check in the mail for $300 per person! That is known as “didly squat.”

At least $10,000 per person would have jump started the economy. People would have spent, saved and invested and we would be at 20,000 on the Dow in 2011!

The debt would mushroom but it does no matter. The debt under Obama went from $10 trillion to $20 trillion in 8 years.

There is absolutely no effect.

Thank you for reading and responding.

I find economics fascinating!

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