This chart from the Federal Reserve clearly shows that current money velocity is at all time lows, demanding that in order to have economic growth we depend on increasing the money supply ..
Thank you once again for a deep, well worded response.
John Whitling

Isn’t it fun being econerds learning and analyzing economic theory and trying to digest Professor Evans’ postulates?

I find it fascinating. How it works and how to solve problems.

I thought there might be a correlation between inflation and money velocity but there isn’t.

But based on my anecdotal evidence I would say that money velocity must be on the increase now. People are buying. Profits going up. More people working. More spending. More money turnover.

More velocity!

And there won’t be any inflation until there is too many dollars chasing too fewer goods. There is just too much slack.

Also. Labor costs are under control. No wage push inflation like in the ‘70's.

And John, I’m with you! I have to read Keith’s diatribes at least 6 times to understand. And even then it is tough!