I started to look at all white men around me with fear. Are they Trump supporters? Are the going to throw racial slurs at me?
Sucker, no more!
Nidhi Gupta

It hurts when I read this and hear what’s going on around the country in what I hope are very sporadic incidents.

I am Donald Trump with a net worth of $9.999 billion less than him. Literally, I am very close to being destitute after the devastation, decimation and destruction of the Great Recession. But Mr. Trump and I are so much alike and we think the same way. I’m 5 years younger and went to Drexel just after he graduated down the street at Wharton. We both used slide rules in college. But he got a million bucks from his dad and I had to pay the yuge sum of $3,000 per year for tuition. Yeah. That’s $1,000 per trimester! AND I COULDN’T AFFORD IT!

So I transferred to Rutgers which was a more reasonable $480 per year. Yes. $240 per semester. Finally getting a BA in Accounting and subsequently an MBA in Finance from LaSalle University.

Mr. Trump and I grew up in the ‘60's and ‘70's and that experience and history molded our views.

My point is that you should not take him literally but you should take him seriously. He says a lot of rhetorical jive that drums up the base (and basal instincts) but consider it entertainment value only!

Both he and I hate no one and want no one to hate or act out in retaliation. Here’s why I know this.

When he says I, Donald J. Trump, hereby declare that no Muslim shall enter our country until…….what the hell is going on… he is taking the extreme position to solve a problem. Unfortunately the uneducated were riled up and voted for that position. But I knew it would not solve the problem. And I knew he would soften that proposal.

When he says build a wall and “it just got 10 feet higher” I knew he is not going to build the Great Wall of America. It is all campaign rhetoric! He could have said we’re going to put a giant condom on America to prevent the drugs and undesirables from getting in! He would have gotten the same amount of votes!

My son in law Anand is from Bangalore. A beautiful young man, a genius and hard worker. He is way smarter than me. I am humbled by him and he’s only 26!

In my everyday life I meet so many minorities and foreigners. They all have different stories. I am in awe.

But the way you look at white men is the way I look at some young black men in inner city slums. Am I safe? They are in hoodies. I don’t feel safe.

By 2 in the morning after election night I knew Trump won. I was so happy. I haven’t been that happy since Reagan in 1980 after the disastrous presidency of Jimmy Carter.

I am still happy even though my home will be sold at sheriff’s sale next week. I am still happy even though I can’t find a “good” job. I am still happy even though I lost all my savings and retirement to the Wall Street Whores.

I am happy because Donald J. Trump will be the greatest president since FDR. You will see.

Until then I wish I could walk with you through life to show any and all haters that you bear no threat and that you are one of the greatest people to walk the face of the earth.

You see my father’s mom and dad were of English and Irish decent and have been in America since 1796. My mom’s grandparents were from Lithuania and Italy. They both came over in the late 1800's.

I have lived in the same county in New Jersey all my life.

So many of us feel that if our roots, our genealogy, go back many decades then we have standing. We have seniority. We have a greater right to this country than newcomers.

But we don’t.

We don’t have an edge. We are not like a super delegate in the Democratic Primary. We don’t have super seniority.

We are equal with you.

And, unfortunately, we don’t like it.

We feel like Native Americans who are being overtaken by foreigners who just come barging in over and through the border and expect all the rights and privileges that we have. And we resent it.

Because, in the end, it’s all about the money.

Money would solve most problems.

Hey everyone, think about it.

Would I care if I lost my job to a foreigner if I was appropriately compensated?

Would I care if I lost my job to outsourcing if I was paid off?

Hell, would I care about anything or any issue if I had enough income and wealth?

Let me be the first of the Zombie Generation!